C4 3 Pinion Fully Rollerized Front Planetary

Price: $450.00
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For C4 users and builders, the front planetary has been the source of much conversation- some of it not exactly G rated!

Due to a lot of misinformation, there is a bit of confusion as to what makes this part fail, and what improvements are needed.

Most of the time, when this piece does fail, a close inspection usually reveals a couple of things. Looking at it from the 'back' side, you will usually find a pinion discolored from heat.

Turning your attention to the gears will many times reveal heavy wear on the carrier- where the gear has eaten into it.

More than out and out breakage, where the component breaks from sudden force, the majority of failure results from the issues of heat and friction.

To combat this failure, attention must be given to better lubrication and reducing friction by modifying the component itself. High pressure valve bodies and circuit modification take care of the lubrication issue. (This and the use of a superior racing synthetic like DYNAMIC Performance Fluid)

For most C4 users, the 3-pinion, fully rollerized front planetary is more than enough to eliminate planetary failure. With special machining to replace the large thrust washer between the carrier and hub with a bearing, and the use of roller bearings under each gear, this 3-pinion planetary does the job.

It is lighter and produces next to no friction compared to a 6-pinion planetary- especially when that 6-pin is not rollerized!

For those who want the extra stoutness of a 6-pinion planetary, DYNAMIC's DA4FP3 is the answer! 

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