C4 2.90 Gear Set

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While the majority of the competition C4s currently built work ideally with the as-supplied gear ratio of 2.46, there are conditions where an option is needed for optimum performance.

The DYNAMIC 2.20 set is a well known cure to overpowered launches, but what about the other end of the spectrum?

The low HP C4-equipped vehicle, whether built for the drag strip, off-road events, or fun on the street, will benefit from the kick in the pants that DYNAMIC's 2.90 gear set will provide.

The 2.90 will effectively lower the ratio for the all important acceleration in 1st and 2nd.

Meanwhile, 3rd gear is left intact at 1 to 1 so the chosen final drive remains ideal for the vehicle's chosen use.

Although DYNAMIC's 2.90 set has been in production for more than 20 years, 2021 saw a substantial upgrade introduced.
In keeping with DYNAMIC's philosophy that 'good enough' is never good enough, the 2.90 set has joined the ranks of our rollerized components.
Whenever possible, no improvement in take-off, overall performance, or strength should be offset by power robbing friction, so the 2.90 has shed it's oem style thrust washers in favor of Torrington bearings. 
Available as a component or upgrade to a DYNAMIC-built C4, the 2.90 set is yet another winner in the DYNAMIC arsenal!
2.90 F­irst­ G­ear
1.72 Secon­­d G­ear
1:1 Third Gear
K­it­ In­­cludes:
  • Modif­ied P­lan­­et­ary G­ear Set­
  • T­ig­ W­elded Sun­­ G­ear
  • Special Rin­­g­ G­ear
  • 5 Clut­ches an­­d St­eels
  • Completely Rollerized

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