C4 Pro-Brake Valve Body

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A usable core is required due to the dwindling supply in the market. If you select the option to send in a core, we MUST receive it BEFORE your order can be started. If you don't have a core, a charge will be required for us to supply one.

The Dynamic Racing Transmissions C4 Pro-Brake Valve Body is a highly modified unit that enables quicker release than our Bracket Brake for racing classes that use the Pro-Tree Starting System.

Unike our Bracket Brake, the Pro style requires pressing the brake button when reversing vehicle. 

This unit features modified valve body castings with a special made separator plate, modified valving and a custom Manual control Valve.

Each unit is hand built and dyno tested on our in-house test transmission before being shipped.

The kit includes an external push in solenoid to replace the factory modulator with mounting bracket, as well as a new modulator valve and calibrated spring.

Until further notice a core is required for this item. Please call or email for details on supplying the correct core.

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