C4 Forward Shift Manual Valve Body

Price: $552.00
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A usable core is required due to the dwindling supply in the market. If you select the option to send in a core, we MUST receive it BEFORE your order can be started. If you don't have a core, a $100 charge will be required for us to supply one.

The C4 Manual Valve Bodies offered by DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions- both with and without trans-brakes- have long been recognized for their superior performance and product reliability.

But along with the many sales and happy racers these components have produced, we often get a special request. That request is for a forward shift Manual Valve Body assembly - without giving up the quality normally associated with DYNAMIC's valve bodies.

So, Dynamic's owner, Harold Miller, set out to design a new unit that would meet these requests. After several weeks at the workbench and a few hours on the dyno it is now ready!

The new valve body has multiple benefits:

  • Ease of use: Anyone used to a standard fwd. shift pattern does not have to worry about relearning.
  • Normal pattern shifters or at the least- shift gates- need not be replaced.
  • Low Band Apply is retained to utilize engine braking on deceleration.
  • It also lends itself well to other types of motorsport, as it features low band apply and engine braking- in all forward gears.

 Stock vacuum modulator must be retained.

Kickdown linkage must be disconnected or removed.

Installation Instructions

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