C4 Competition Transmission w/Brake

Price: $2,695.95
  • SKUDT4C7
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Add one of DYNAMIC's Choice Transbrake Valve Bodies to a COMP PLUS!

Dynamic Racing Transmissions C4 Competition unit with Transbrake starts with all the prep and components found in our Competition C4's with the addition of some special components.

Each unit receives a Hardened Input Shaft for increased torque capacity, Solid forward drum, special rollerization and your choice of one of our track proven trans brake valve bodies.

- Bracket Brake - is our most popular transbrake. It has a reverse shift pattern (P R N 1 2 3) and does not require the transbrake button to be engaged to reverse the car.

- Pro Brake -  is designed for Pro Tree starting systems and is our fastest releasing brake. It also has the reverse shift pattern and requires the driver to engage the brake to reverse the vehicle.

- Forward Pattern Brake - This is a Dynamic exclusive. It retains the stock shift pattern (P R N 3 2 1). I t does not require solenoid engagement to reverse the vehicle.

- As with all DYNAMIC C4's, many options are available to make your C4 ideal for your needs!





Transmission Core

NOTE: Due to the ever dwindling supply of usable transmissions cores we require the customer supply us with a rebuildable core.

Customer supplied cores must be sent in PRIOR to the job being started.

If Customer supplied core is deemed "UNUSEABLE" a core charge will be applied to the bill and must be paid BEFORE the job begins.

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