C4 Super Street & Strip

C4 Super Street & Strip  [DT4S3]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Available Options:

Deep Pan?:

I Understand & Agree to send in a core:

Price: $1,930.00 / ea
MSRP: $2,100.00 / ea

C4 Super street & Strip Transmission w/Hardened Input/Race Clutches/DYNAMIC Modified Valve Body for nice, crisp shifts

Transmission Core

NOTE: Due to the ever dwindling supply of usable transmissions cores we require the customer supply us with a rebuildable core.

Customer supplied cores must be sent in PRIOR to the job being started.

If Customer supplied core is deemed "UNUSEABLE" a core charge will be applied to the bill and must be paid BEFORE the job begins.

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