C4 Comp 1969 & Older

C4 Comp 1969 & Older  [DT4C3]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Available Options:

Add Full REM Treatment:

Deep Pan?:

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Price: $1,380.00 / ea

Ideal for bracket racing vehicles.
This unit is available in one of three stages to match your level of competition.

It is when a car crosses the 500+ HP level, however, that we strongly recommend certain upgrades.
A car with less than 500 HP can always use a Reverse Manual Valve Body, if that's the way the owner wants it, but when a C4 is bolted up to a more powerful car, the Manual Valvebody supplies the extra line pressure needed for adequate lubrication.
The benefits of rollerization are not only in the reduced amount of HP needed to turn the unit, but also in the sharp dropoff in friction-caused heat and wear.

Of course, one of the biggest differences is the precise assembly.

Each transmission is dynotested before it leaves our building, so you can bolt up your new DYNAMIC with confidence.

Entry Level Comp

Basically a Street & Strip unit with a Reverse Manual Valve Body.
By the time a Full Comp unit is actually needed powerwise, it is best to start with the Upgrade 1 Comp C4.

Upgrade 1 Comp

This unit takes all the features of the Entry Level Comp unit and adds more beef!
We upgrade to a Hardened Input Shaft, BluePrinted Pump w/Wide Babbit Bushing, Teflon Sealing Rings, Solid Strength Forward Drum,
5-Clutch Power Packs in Fwd. and Direct (with Kolene steels in Dir.), Partial Rollerization, Reverse Manual Valve Body w/matched Servo and a Deep Pan w/Drain Plug.

Comp w/Brake

This package is one step below the infamous "Mighty Mite".
We start with all the same components as the Upgrade 1 Comp, plus add the transbrake designed for the Mighty Mite.
This is the same external solenoid Brake that has been developed totally inhouse, constantly evolving since the early days of the Mustang vs. Grand National races at Atco Raceway.

Unless specified usually for restoration purposes the '70 and up, 26spline, casefill transmission is used.



Transmission Core

NOTE: Due to the ever dwindling supply of usable transmissions cores we require the customer supply us with a rebuildable core.

Customer supplied cores must be sent in PRIOR to the job being started.

If Customer supplied core is deemed "UNUSEABLE" a core charge will be applied to the bill and must be paid BEFORE the job begins.

This unit ships TRUCK FREIGHT. We will quote you the shipping cost once we receive your order.

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