What is REM Polishing?

The REM process was developed to vastly improve the surface finish of metal parts, in a consistent repeatable manner. The reason why this is a benefit to the parts is the surface of any metal looks like a mountain range with peaks and valleys. This is at a microscopic level. The valleys hold the lubrication necessary for a part to work and survive. But the peaks often tower over the lubrication level. This causes the metal to metal contact between parts. That contact is what wears a part out. This is where friction causes heat, and what can cause stress cracks to form. The REM process is a chemical process that in effect “melts” the peaks off, but leaves the valleys. This makes the parts slide on the lubrication level as they were designed to. That cuts the friction, which cuts the heat. It also increases the surface contact area since the parts have a more uniform level (no peaks) and that increases part strength. The REM process is done in vibratory machines with special stones that work with the chemistry. The surfaces left are consistent and cannot be easily matched by grinding or hand operations. There are several tricks and tweaks needed to get great results with the process. You will feel a difference. Smoother is Faster.

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