C4 Deep Aluminum Pan

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One of the key factors in the longevity of a C-4 Transmission is low fluid temperature. When you start racing and have a high stall converter the extra slip produces heat that transfers to the fluid. By adding one of Dynamic's Cast Aluminum Pans you are gaining an extra quart of fluid as well as increasing the cooling capacity with its deep fins. This pan is set up for case-fill transmission. If pan-fill is desired please purchase the pan fill add-on kit. When using on a case-fill unit, the extra plug on the side of the pan is a convenient location for a temperature probe.

Its aluminum construction, which is much stronger than a stock steel pan,
mates better with an aluminum case, increasing rigidity and eliminating leakage.
The pan includes a drain plug for easy fluid inspection or transmission service without the mess of dropping a full pan of fluid. This pan has proven itself very popular with racers and has been a regular part of the DYNAMIC C4 arsenal for many years. It also happens to be the coolest LOOKING pan you'll find!


- Deep Cast Aluminum Pan

- Duraprene Gasket

- Grade 8 Allen Head Mounting Bolts

- Serrated LockWahsers

- Magnetic Drain Plug

- Allen Pipe Plug for Pan Fill hole when not needed.

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