Transmission Overhaul

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Most competition-built automatics should be freshened once a season.

Of course, this varies, based on frequency of use and the power and RPM level of the vehicle its in.

Think your transmission is slipping?

Fluid stink?

Performance numbers falling off?

Give us a call, it could be time. 

If your car is raced on a regular basis, it might be a good idea to do an Annual Overhaul. This will ensure that everything is up to snuff for the beginning of each race season, and very often will head off the need for major repairs as issues can be detected before they snowball into serious breakage. A worn or compromised hard part in a transmission or converter can and will spew metal flakes and debris throughout both. So, keeping your unit fresh ensures peak performance and is a good way to avoid the larger expenses of full replacement!

We freshen, overhaul, and upgrade automatic transmission units of all levels and regardless of where the original buildup took place. 

Once a transmission and/or converter comes in, a complete teardown, cleaning, and inspection take place.

Based on the information provided on the vehicle, the performance required, and what is revealed during inspection, reccomendations are made, whether to rebuild the unit to its current specs, or to upgrade.

Once the plan of attack is agreed on, a deposit is taken and then the work commences. Not before, and no surprises.

When we are happy with the build and any bench tests are passed, the transmission goes on our dyno for the final test.

Once we are satisfied with all points of inspection and testing results are satisfactory, then and only then is the transmission OK'd. 

If any upgrades are chosen during a freshen up, all components are discounted.

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