Hurst Shifter Rebuild and Restoration Services

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Bring the SNAP back into your HURST Shifter!

Dynamic Racing Transmissions now offers complete rebuild and restoration services for your Hurst Brand Manual shifter.

Send us your tired, wornout, weary, even rusty unit and we can make perform like new again.

We offer rebuild services for both aftermarket Hurst and the OEM installed shifters supplied by Hurst.
Our offerings start with a basic clean and rebuild all the way up to concourse restoration with correct plating and components.

Aftermarket Hurst Shifter Cleaned, Restored and Reassembled

This is a typical Hurst shifter disassembled after arriving in our facility.

After a complete cleaning and degreasing, the parts are inspected, restored to original color then reassembled using high quality components.

The end result, is a completely refurbished unit ready for many more years of hard use and competition shifting!

We also offer complete restorations for OEM Hurst shifters.

Here we have a 1965 Pontiac GTO shifter cleaned, refinished and ready for assembly.

Here is the end result. Ready for installation in a soon to be restored 1965 GTO.

Contact us at the shop (203) 315-0138 for pricing and details to get YOUR Hurst shifter ready for racing!