TCT offers the 10" "spragless" Racing converter for those racers with 1100 - 1350HP.  It is ideal for 400ci. - 500ci. nitrous and blower applications or 550ci. - 800ci. naturally aspirated engines and the stall can be set from 3000-8000 rpm. Each 10.5" unit has a custom fabricated steel stator with computer designed steel fins depending on desired stall and efficiency. 



  • Failsafe "spragless" design. . . no sprag to slip or fail
  • New 4140 hardened Chromoly impellor hub
  • New 4140 hardened pilot and turbine hub
  • Custom built steel stator
  • Massive 3/16" Anti-ballooning plates on pump and cover
  • Torrington bearings
  • Screw on pilot to adjust to midplate
  • Knife edge design for maximum efficiency
  • Furnace brazed fins
  • Computer balanced and pressure tested
  • Free stall adjustments for 90 days


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