Ring & Pinion Setup

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Need a gear change?

Let Dynamic's Rear Axle Division get it done for you right. 

Whether you are building a new rear or need to change gear ratios, Dynamic can handle the job.

Installing rear axle gears is something that requires special tools and skill to ensure that they are set up correctly to prevent premature failure and noise. We have over 30 years of experience in setting up rears and building performance axle housings. 

We utilize a three step method when setting up your gears insuring that you will be getting the most out of them when put the hammer down.

Our service includes:

-Removal of the existing gear set

-Cleaning of the carrier and housing to remove contamination

-Deburring of the new gears for proper fit.

-Thread locker on ring gear bolts

- 3 step gear mesh check

- New Crush Collar, solid spacer, and pinion nut

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