C-Clip Eliminator Install

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C-Clip Eliminators are just that, a specially designed axle shaft bearing kit that eliminates the stock axles c-clip retention point. Several GM and Ford rear axles are held in the housing by a small clip that locks around a button formed on the splined end of the axle shaft.

This is fine for everyday street driving and have been used for many years. The problem occurs when you put higher than stock torque loads to the axles. The c-clips can fail, causing the axle shaft to corkscrew out of the housing while still attached to your wheel, causing major damage.

The solution is to remove the c-clips and securely hold the shaft in place using oversized bearings that press on to the shaft near the flanged end. These bearings are contained in billet housings that bolt to the housing ends, keeping the axle where it belongs.

Dynamic's Gear & Rear Division offers the service to install these kits on GM 10 & 12 Bolt housings as well as Ford 8.8 and the Late Model Mustang GT's.

Installation requires the cutting of the housing and axles.

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