If you have a high powered, heavy race car then the TH-400 is for you!

THM400 transmissions are very popular in automotive competition due to their great strength. Much of this strength comes from the use of a cast iron center support to suspend the transmission's concentric shafts that join the clutch assemblies to the gear train.

The center support, which is splined to the interior of the transmission's case, also provides a robust reaction point for first gear (the gear train's reaction carrier is restrained from counter-rotating the engine in first gear by a roller clutch whose inner race is part of the center support).

Since the first gear reactive force is evenly distributed around the periphery of the case, the types of mechanical (and some times violent) failures that have plagued other competition transmissions are rare.

Dynamic Racing Transmissions offers some of the finest track proven TH-400's around. We can build you a custom unit for any application and offer the option of SFI Safety Bells to adapt to non GM engines as well as Full SFI Certified cases.

DYNAMIC builds the very best racing automatic transmissions anywhere!