AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oils Diesels are synonymous with power. They tow our toys, haul our tools and get our blood pumping. But all that power challenges lubricants and threatens to sideline your high-performance diesel.

AMSOIL meets the challenge with performance products designed to help you maximize your diesel's potential and protect its hard-working components and your wallet for long equipment life.

Protection and Performance AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils reduce friction and wear better than conventional oils, helping hard-working diesel engines perform better and last longer. They withstand high-temperature breakdown to help prevent harmful deposits from forming while remaining fluid in sub-zero temperatures for easier cold starts and fast circulation.

Maximum Fuel Economy The advanced lubricity of AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils results not only in enhanced performance and protection, but increased fuel effciency as well. With less resistance to internal moving parts, engines are able to operate at peak effciency and deliver maximum mpg.

Extended Drain Intervals AMSOIL coined the phrase "extended drain interval" more than 40 years ago. Advanced chemistries allow extended-drain AMSOIL synthetic diesel oils to remain effective up to two times longer than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) recommendations. Diesel owners beneft signifcantly through reduced oil costs and increased convenience due to fewer oil changes and less used oil disposal.