Dynamic's C4 Master Rebuild Kit

Price: $325.95
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Don't be caught shorthanded when rebuilding your performance C-4.
Dynamic Racing Transmissions has assembled one of the best, most complete rebuild kits for your performance C-4 automatic, utilizing the same components that go into the building of their own world-class transmissions.
The kit starts with an Alto HP rebuild kit consisting of all the gaskets and seals required for a thorough build, including the high pressure pump gasket and Teflon sealing rings that are vital to the long life of a high performance C4.
We then add a Direct drum friction kit with 5 Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene Steels  (or the optional PowerPack which has 6 Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene Steels)
A Forward drum friction kit with 5 OEM frictions and 4 OEM Steels. This is because the forward clutches do not see the wear that the direct clutches do.
Next, we have a front pump and extention housing bushing, A dipstick boot and your choice of filter (shallow or deep pan).
Also included is the 3 tang thrust washer that is located between the forward drum and front planetary.
You get an Intermediate band in Kevlar, with optional Red-line bands for aluminum drums and street use.
Next come the add-ons for the kit
You can select any or all of these add-ons to complete your kit:
  • Adjustable Vacuum Modulator
  • Billet Servo Kit
  • Trans-go Shift Kit
  • Hi RPM Drum Kit
  • Hardened Input Shaft
  • Rear Band
  • Thrust Washer Kit

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