Dynamic offers several different kits based on the level of rebuilding you are going to attempt.

Overhaul Kit- Overhaul kits include: OE quality paper gaskets, rubber lip seals, O rings, pan gaskets (cork or fiber), metal clad seals, and sealing ring kit (metal or teflon sealing rings depending on unit). Some late model transmissions use reusable Hard Molded Rubber pan gaskets & case gaskets. The kits descriptions will list if these special gaskets are included in the individual kits. 

Banner Kit - Banner kits include everything the overhaul kit includes plus clutches.

Master Kit - Master kits include everything the overhaul and banner kits includes plus steels.

Overhaul kits, Banner kits and Master kits DO NOT come with bands, bushings, modulator, servos, sprags, shift kits or filters.

Order these parts separately as needed.