727 Direct/Front Clutch Power Pack

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Chrysler A518/618/TF8/727 Front Clutch PowerPack®

TF8 - A727 (36RH, 37RH) 1962-1997

A518 (46RE, 46RH) 1990-02,

A618 (47RE, 47RH) 1994-02

A618 (48RE) 2003-On 

Increases Holding power 50-60%. The Stock Clutch Count is 3-4, this Powerpack clutch count bumps it to 7!

(7) 028742A155 (.061” / 1.55mm) Red Eagle® Friction Plates
(6) 028701K (.068” / 1.72mm) Kolene® Steel Plates
(2) 028701K216 (.085” / 2.15mm) Kolene® Steel Plates
(1) 028761X (.170/4.32mm) Pressure Plate

This popular unit has proven to be a very reliable workhorse for heavy-duty and racing applications. The addition of extra capacity clutches allows energy to be distributed over more surface area, reducing heat significantly and reducing friction plate stress, while improving shift quality.

These performance benefits will ensure a longer lasting unit.


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