Dynamic's Launch Stick

Price: $98.00
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Don't Be Fooled By Similar Products!

There Is Only ONE LaunchStick!

When precise control is required the Launch Stick is the answer. Perfect for all trans brake, nitrous and line lock applications.

State of the Art Features


  • A custom anodized billet aluminum handle
  • 10 amp microswitch with snap action
  • A 18 gauge spiral cord


    Dynamic developed the Launchstick to get the TransBrake button off the top of the shift knob where it's usually hit by mistake, with possible drastic results.

    The launchstick is engineered to be super heavy duty, the Stick is also handy for those who don't want to permanently mount their button (Brake, Nitrous, etc.) on the steering wheel or dash. Available in Anodized Blue or Red.

    Great for Street Users Too

    Street 'enthusiasts' like them because they can wire them to a plug; to be removed and stowed away in the glove box until it's time for action.



    Can Also Be Used As A Remote Starter Button For Setting Valves!

    Now Available! Dynamic's New Panel Mount Disconnect, Factory Installed.

           Select Install Option Above ( Price includes Connector Assembly and soldered plug on end of Launchstick Cable.)

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