2010 & Up Camaro SS Mounting Bracket Extension

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For 2010-2015 Camaro SS with Aftermarket Driveshaft and Metco Motorsports Driveshaft Safety Loop

If you have installed an aftermarket driveshaft in your 2010-2015Camaro SS, the front universal joint is moved rearward, away from the transmission tailshaft.  As shipped, the Metco Motorsports MDL3100 Driveshaft Safety Loop kit is designed to fit the 5th Gen Camaro application equipped with an OEM-style driveshaft.  Using our loop kit with an aftermarket shaft results in a hoop position that is nearly in-line with the front u-joint, which is not optimal.  Adding this simple bracket extension to our loop kit moves the hoop rearward, positioning the hoop in the proper location behind the front u-joint. 

The bracket is just over 6" in length, and it moves the hoop centerline about 4.5" rearward.  Installation is simple using the (4) hex bolts provided.

Note 1:  This bracket is available as an option with our driveshaft loop kit, which is listed elsewhere in this section.  This bracket is compatible with the Metco Motorsports MDL3100 Driveshaft Safety Loop Kit only.  Image 2 (above) shows the driveshaft loop kit and the bracket extension mounted to an OEM transmission crossmember.  The part offered here for $59.99 is for the bracket extension only.

Note 2:  In some installations, the aluminum shield attached to the floor pan of the car requires minor trimming for loop clearance.

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