2010-15 Camaro Driveshaft Safety Loop

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The ONLY driveshaft loop for the 2010 & Newer Camaro that requires NO DRILLING for installation!

This bolt-on driveshaft safety loop is designed exclusively for the 2010 and newer Camaro SS equipped with either the six-speed or automatic transmission.

This driveshaft safety loop is an original Metco Motorsports design and no modifications to the vehicle are necessary for installation.  The loop can be installed without having to remove the driveshaft and it is compatible with popular aftermarket exhaust systems.  

The mounting brackets, support bracket, and hoop that comprise this kit are made from laser-cut high-grade steel, which is then precision-formed on a CNC press.  The components are powdercoated in black for appearance and long-lasting surface protection.

The two mounting brackets attach securely to the transmission mount studs, and the loop support bracket mounts to these brackets at four points, adding great strength and vibration resistance.  The loop is positioned in the driveshaft tunnel above the exhaust system, providing maximum clearance for all surrounding components.  Ground clearance remains completely unaffected.  And unlike the competition, it is not necessary to drill holes in the car's transmission crossmember for installation.  If it is ever necessary to remove our loop from the vehicle for selling purposes or warranty work, no one would ever know it was there.  

The kit includes illustrated installation instructions and all necessary hardware.  No special tools are required for installation. 

Here is a link to an installation on a car equipped with an automatic trans (manual trans is similar):


Note 1:  If your vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket driveshaft, the front universal joint is located further rearward than with the OEM shaft.  The optional bracket extension is offered to position the hoop portion of the loop kit in the proper location on an aftermarket shaft.  In some installations with the bracket extension, the aluminum shield on the floor pan of the car must be trimmed slightly for loop clearance.  This bracket is also available separately and is listed elsewhere in this section.

Note 2:  Since these photos were taken, this driveshaft loop kit has been revised slightly so that the bolts that secure the loop to the loop mounting bracket thread downward from inside the loop into the bracket (instead of up into the loop feet, as shown).  This change was made to create additional clearance for aftermarket exhaust systems. 

Note 3:  The images above show the loop kit mounted to the OEM six-speed crossmember and transmission mount.  These components are shown for illustrative purposes and will not be included in the kit.  Installation for the automatic application differs minimally (see image 5).  

Does not fit Camaro ZL1.  

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