C6 Street & Strip Transmission

Price: $2,400.00
  • SKUDT6S1
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The Dynamic Racing Street/Strip C6 Transmission is a custom built unit, perfect for big block street vehicles and small block track racers.

We start with a seasoned core, or your own core if you want, fully disassembling it and checking it for cracks. We then check all the threads with a tap to ensure everything is right. Stripped threads are repaired if necessary.

Then we put the components through a rigorous cleaning in our hot jet washer.

Once everything is clean, it heads to the assembly bench where one of our expert technicians begins assembly. He will follow through from start to finish, no assembly line here.

Our Street/Strip C6's get a new seal and gasket kit, High performance clutches and steels, Performance bands and your choice of fully automatic or reverse manual valve body.

The unit is then painted in Dynamic Black, and run in on our Storm Vulcan transmission dyno.

Once it passes the dyno test it receives the Silver Dynamic logo stamp, and is ready for delivery.


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