Gallery: Tim Bohart

I've been running a Dynamic Might Mite C4 for about 10 years now.
1972 Mustang, 3300lbs, runs 9.60s consistently in the 1/4 mile on motor,
8.90s on a shot of nitrous.
Best 60' to date, 1.28 this year at Bradenton in Florida on motor.

I have never used nitrous until after the 60' mark.

The engine is a dart block 9.2 deck with CHI 3v aluminum heads. 434 cubic
The car is very consistent pass after pass.

Anytime I've tried to use someone else for a quick freshen up, I've had
nothing but problems.
I will only ship the Transmission back to Dynamic for servicing.

Thanks for the time you spent with me when I had issues over the years,
even if it wasn't a transmission issue.