TH-400 Forward Pat, Full Manual Valve Body

Price: $255.99
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The R&D Team at Dynamic have delivered on a much asked for product. A Full Manual, Forward Pattern TH-400 Valve body.

Many other companies offer a manual valve body for the 400, but most are reverse pattern. Meaning that instead of P-R-N-D-2-1, you would have P-R-N-1-2-D. This would require the purchase and install of a reverse pattern racing shifter.

Our unit utliizes the pre-1987 cast iron GM casting. We use select cores that are completely disassembled and thermally cleaned before being machined and surfaced for proper seal. 

This kit eliminates the governor and its tubes as well as removes all automatic shifting functions of the transmission.

It does however, retain engine braking when downshifting, so you can use it on the street.

We now make our own Separator Plates for the TH-400!

Please let us know if you intend to do the "Dual Feed" modification to the case and drum so that we can send the correct plate.

 We Now Require a Core to Complete Your Order.

Kit includes:

-Modified Valve Body 

-New Separator Plate

-Case and Valve Body Gaskets

-Complete Instructions

Kit does not come with the stock manual valve. Reuse your existing valve or contact us to purchase a reconditioned one.

Installation Instructions

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