Gallery: Greg Gorham

A little background on BMWs, the factory manual BMW E36 M3 has transmission problems when you get the power over 700rwhp and have good traction. Problems that come up are clutch holding issues, shifting issues and having excessive transmission noise. In my case I was experiencing these problems and started looking for alternative options and came up with a kit that allowed me to convert to a Ford C4 transmission.
I looked extensively online for transmission options and found a lot of great reviews about the DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions. I ended up calling DYNAMIC and was happy to hear that the company was close to me. When I talked to JR he was very helpful with advise and suggestions what he thought would work best for me. I decided on the Dynamic Mighty Mite C4 'Roller Mite' and couldn't be happier with my choice today. The whole transaction was very smooth and punctual. My transmission was built, dyno tested and shipped to my location. I was impressed in the quality and performance DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions had to offer and would recommend them to others who are in the market for the ultimate C4 transmission.
My 1998 BMW M3 is basically a "street" track car that is driven to the track and back home which is approximately 60 minute round trip. In the past 2 years the car has made dozens of flawless passes. I'm really not into big events I just like going to the small events, have fun with friends. I usually make a few 9 second passes to get my speed fix and then drive home. This car being a BMW running 9 seconds often confuses people as they think I'm running a big block and are shocked when they see it's a 6 cylinder. Since the C4 install the car has made many 9 second passes and is a pleasure to drive. The car really made big gains when I installed the C4 as the car could stay in boost during the run shifting ultra smooth making it easy to drive.
Again I can't be happier with DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions and the Mighty Mite C4 !