C6 Forward Manual Valve Body

Price: $340.00
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The Dynamic Racing Transmission's C6 Full Manual Forward Pattern Valve Body is the perfect choice for drag racing, Off- Road, Rock Crawling and street vehicles that want complete manual control over shifts or where a transbrake is outlawed by class rules.

Full manual control enables the driver to have complete control over when the transmission shifts. 

We start with a fully inspected valve body core that is completely disassembled, jet washed and then machined for better oil flow and manual control. 

We then modify the internal valves and add a modified separator plate with special hole sizes to meter fluid flow and block off unnecessary passages.

Once assembled, it goes on our in-house dyno and gets run through all the gears while shift pressures are monitored.

After receiving the OK, it gets bagged and boxed up for shipping anywhere in the world.

NOTE: Due to the dwindling supply of usable cores, we are forced to add a charge for us to provide a core to start with. If you have a usable core, please contact us about sending it in for inspection and use.

Please check your case before ordering

Case must have the rooster comb selector installed on the inside of the case.

Also, must have a push in vacuum modulator, not screw in.

Will not work with early cases using detent style manual valve.

Installation Instructions

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