C4 1965-66 Greendot Performance Valve Body

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The Ford C4 is a sturdy, lightweight transmission perfect for street use all the way up to drag racing.

The very first units weren't built for high performance. They were more aimed towards fuel economy and ease of use.

The 1965 and 66 C4 's were unique in that they had a feature called a "GreenDot" shifter.

This allowed you to control what gear you would start out in depending on the Letter or number you selected on the indicator.

D2  was designed for slippery road conditions and would start you out in second gear then shift into third when necessary. It will kickdown to second gear but not first.

D1 or the "GreenDot" started you out in first gear then proceeded to second then third. It will kickdown to second or first depending on road speed.

L or 1 was for first gear only.

These valvebodys leave little to be desired when it comes to performance driving. The shifts are very soft and can happen so fast that you can't even notice.

Dynamic comes in to save the day! With a  reprogrammed valvebody to replace your stock unit AND it retains the "GreenDot" Features!

Each valve body has a performance shift and higher than stock line pressure giving you a more spirited shift feel.

This is the perfect replacement for a restored vehicle when you want a little more pep in your acceleration.

Installation is straight forward and can be accomplished in a few hours in your driveway.

Each kit includes a completely remanufactured  valve body made from a select seasoned core.

Each unit is dyno-tested before shipment, gauranteed to perform once installed.

Installation Instructions

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