C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body

Price: $450.00
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A usable core is required due to the dwindling supply in the market. If you select the option to send in a core, we MUST receive it BEFORE your order can be started. If you don't have a core, a charge will be required for us to supply one.

C4 Reverse Manual Valve Body

This is the same valve body as used in the DYNAMIC C4 Comps and Roller Mite units. Deadly accurate, super-crisp shifts with raised line pressure to accommodate longer clutch life in your race-ready C4.

If you're building a '70's model C4 for competition and do not need a brake, this is the one for you.

This is also the way to go for the more extreme street build (over 500 HP).

Teflon rings and high pressure pump gasket highly recomended with the use of this valve body.

The best 2-3 shift in the business! A longstanding complaint of competition C-4's is the dreaded 2-3 flare. Well aware of this, Dynamic set out to offer a C4 competition valve body- with or without trans-brake- that featured the sharpest 1-2 and 2-3 shifts ever!

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