Gallery: Brooks & Harold Robbins

Year 1972 Plymouth Scamp
motor 340 20 over
crank 3.51 stroked making the motor 358 approx 415 H.P.
transmission is Dynamic Racing Transmission DT9C1, 904 Comp. with Low Gear
Set, and Low Band Apply Valve Body
Torque Converter is FTI 8" 5,000 Stall
Drive Shaft 3.5" large yokes both ends
Third Member is Chrysler 8 3/4, 489 case, with 4.30 gear and Spooled.
Axles are Moser Stock Splined
Tires are Mickeys 10X28X15
Rear Supension is Caltrac w/ mono leaf

Now for the transmission, it is by far the BEST transmission I have run in
all of my 20+ years of racing, the great shifts, a first gear that will
tear you a new one, hard second and third shifts and not fail you. The
service from JR and his staff, is second to none...