Gallery: Billy Kirpens Jr & Sr

1967 Barracuda - 416 Small Block
1971 Duster - 394 Small Block

1967 Barracuda has run a best of 10.23 @ 128
1971 Duster has run a best of 9.67 @ 134

"I wish I could remember how long we've been using you guys but I've got to say it's been about 20yrs.
Dynamic has always been good to us, whenever we've run into problems with our combination they've recommended changes or upgrades to improve the durability of our transmissions, from changing over to Type F fluid or changing our valve bodies to a low band apply version when we were having problems breaking sprags. Have not had a broken sprag since."

Dad and I have a combined 26 Lebanon Valley Dragway track championships, 4
Division 1 Race of Champions victories and 1 Bracket Finals win.