727 Lightened Sun Shell

Price: $124.95
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Dynamic Racing is proud to offer it's Torqueflite 727 Lightened and Polished Sun Shell!

Many racers have complained for years about vibration occurring at speed from their Mopar transmission units.

Many of the parts from the Chrysler factory are cast or stamped and then machined for basic use. Sometimes the part fits fine but is slightly misshapen and out of round. This causes an imbalance, and vibration.

By turning the shell in the lathe, we are able to see the degree of imbalance and correct it by turning its outside diameter. This eliminates high rpm vibration making the part run true to its centerline.

We then polish the part to remove surface imperfections and make it esier for fluid to run off the part.

The added benefit of weight reduction allows for quicker acceleration too.

If you already have a good Sun Shell and would like to have it lightened and polished, you can send it in by choosing that option above.

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