67-69 C-4 Fwd Manual Valve Body

Price: $495.95
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A usable core is required due to the dwindling supply in the market. If you select the option to send in a core, we MUST receive it BEFORE your order can be started. If you don't have a core, a $100 charge will be required for us to supply one.

The Engineers at Dynamic Racing Transmissions have done it again!

After many hours of R&D in the shop, on the dyno and in a vehicle we have come up with a replacement valve body for the 1967-69 C-4 units that features Full Manual Shifting in the stock forward shift pattern.

Each unit starts as a seasoned core that is fully disassembled, thermally cleaned, machined and reassembled with the modified components that make it work.

After assembly, the completed unit goes on to our dyno for a full run through the gears and to check pressure.

NOTE: This Valve Body eliminates all automatic functions. It must be shifted by hand or damage will occur to the transmission.

The stock modulator valve and pin must be retained. Manifold vacuum  to the modulator is recommended for street use. Kickdown linkage should be removed or disconnected from the carb.

Filter not included

 Installation Instructions

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