Dynamic Synthetic Racing ATF, Case

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Synthetics Can Handle The Stress

Dynamic Racing Transmissions has released their own brand of transmission fluid developed specifically for the motorsports industry. It surpasses all current automatic type transmission fluids in wear protection, heat transfer and oxidation life. It is formulated with the most advanced synthetic base stock fluids and additive technology available to date.

Ultra Pure

These ultra pure base stocks provide excellent thermal stability alone by themselves, then we incorporate a highly effective anti-oxidation additive to boost the level of heat resistance. Also included are additives for rust protection, deposit control, anti-wear, EP modifiers and agents for controlling corrosion, moisture and dirt.

Professionals Choice

These components and technology are why Dynamic's fluid is the first and only choice of many professional motorsports teams. It is available in Traditional Red color.

Recommended for a wide range of applications, including GM DEXRON III-H, for 2005 and older vehicles originally calling for DEXRON, DEXRON II & DEXRON III as well as Ford MERCON, & MERCON V plus many others. 

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