Torque Converter Freshen Up

Price: $525.00
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There are several reasons you might need to have your torque converter serviced.

If you go to the track often, it might be a part of your annual routine. Or, you might find that your 60 ft. times are falling away and you suspect the converter could be hurt.

Trans breakage where metal fragments in the converter are a concern is a definite reason to have the converter opened, and often, a change in combination or HP level can affect the stall, making it necesssary to do a 'restall'.

* The first picture is a typical example of what we find when opening a damaged converter.

Once a converter is apart we will call to confirm whether it is a matter of simply changing the fin angle to adjust the stall, or if there are internals that need to changed.

Any freshen up, restall or repair includes all new bearings, pressure test and balancing.

*The second picture is a TCT Torque Converter, fully modified and ready to be assembled, balanced and painted.

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