Valvebody Reconditioning

Valvebody Reconditioning  [DAC4VBR]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Price: $175.00 / Ea

Got a old valvebody not acting right?

Rebuilding your own transmission, but need the valvebody serviced?

Dynamic Racing Transmissions can rebuild and restore your current unit to factory specs.

With over 35 years of experience in automatic transmissions, we are the experts at restoring performance to your classic unit.

Once we receive your unit, we will:

  • fully disassemble it
  • hot tank wash it to remove all grime
  • surface the mating areas for perfect seal
  • polish the valves to remove burrs and corrosion
  • reassemble to factory specs with new gasket
  • dyno test on our in-house test transmission for proper pressure and shift.

NOTE: Units sent in must be in rebuildable condition. Any replacement components needed will be quoted BEFORE the work is started.

Customer responsible for sending the unit to us. Please drain fluid and pack in leakproof bags to ensure proper delivery.

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