TCT Super Bottle Rocket Converters

TCT Super Bottle Rocket Converters

TCT's line of Super Bottle Rocket Torque Converters are perfect for the street rod, street machines and bracket race vehicles that have power adders like nitrous, turbochargers or superchargers. 

It features additional ballooning control inside and completely around the outside diameter plates to prevent splitting and explosion of the converter under severe nitrous loads. Extra thick 360 degree mounting ring with large 7/16" mounting holes. 

They are designed to give stall speeds in the range of 2900-4500 rpms based on the amount of torque your engine puts out.

We rate these converters for 700+ horsepower.

Each unit starts with  a new shell that we install an extra thick 360 degree mounting ring with 7/16" threaded holes. It then gets new bearings between the stator and pump, a new sprag assembly, new hardened pump hub, new turbine hub.

We then furnace braze the pump and turbine fins for extra strength. After inspection it is machine fixture welded and computer balanced.

We 100% leak test it, then paint it to prevent flash rust and box it up ready to ship to you.

Made in the USA!

DYNAMIC builds the very best performance torque converters anywhere! Where over 30 years building performance torque converters and racing transmissions gives you the winning edge!

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