Saul Walker II


If there’s one thing that’s true about Flex-A-Lite Open Comp racer Saul Walker, II, it’s that his “been there, done that” experience has allowed him to develop a calm, meditative state of mind when he’s at the track or just going about his day to day life.

Walker is a third generation racer who takes keeping the family tradition alive quite seriously. His grandfather, Richard Adkins, Sr. and his uncle, Richard Adkins, Jr. were responsible for instilling in him a love of drag racing and a passion for performance. The two Adkins men raced Stock cars in NHRA, and Walker followed in their footsteps. “If you can make a Stocker, run, fly, and be competitive, you can make anything run. That was their motto,”Walker remembered of his early days. What really inspired him, however, was the challenge of taking whatever he had and making it run as fast as he possibly could. “It’s a slower road to travel, but it’s the travel that’s well worth it.”

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Saul Walker II

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