Powerglide High Clutch Return Springs

Powerglide High Clutch Return Springs  [28320]

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Price: $10.81 / Kit

The Sonnax GM Powerglide high clutch return springs 28320 offer a reliable replacement of the OE or aftermarket high clutch return springs. Sonnax has engineered 28320 to provide positive disengagement of the high clutch in low gear and to yield minimal resistance during upshift.

The Sonnax springs are made from high tensile spring wire to slow fatigue. In addition, each spring is cadmium-plated and baked to resist embrittlement. All spring ends are close-wound to prevent arch deflection and then match ground to a uniform length to ensure equal load distribution among all springs in the clutch assembly.

  • Reliable replacement of OE springs
  • Engineered for improved spring life
  • Manufactured for better spring engagement

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