Powerglide Gear Sets

Powerglide Gear Sets

Dynamic makes it easy to dial in options and select the perfect Powerglide planetary assembly or gear set.



Affordable Upgrade for Budget Builds

  • 1.80 Ratio only
  • Highest quality gear set available for replacing OE 1.76 ratio
  • Track-proven to 1,500 HP


Extra Durability for Demanding Applications

  • 1.69 & 1.80 Ratios
  • Ideal balance of quality & value
  • Track-proven to 2,000 HP


Highest Quality Planetary Assemblies in the World

  • 1.58, 1.65, 1.69 & 1.80 Ratios
  • Track-proven to 3,000 HP
  • Combine 1.58 & 1.65 assemblies with the Sonnax big shaft system to reliably handle the most extreme horsepower

From carrier and output shaft to gears and thrust washers, every Extreme assembly component is refined for maximum durability. The ring gears are even pre-drilled for the Sonnax stabilizer system to prevent vibration and broken Reverse friction plates.

DYNAMIC builds the very best racing transmissions anywhere! Where over 30 years building racing transmissions gives you the winning edge!

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