Powerglide Extreme Strength Input Shaft

Powerglide Extreme Strength Input Shaft  [28751-06K]

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Input shaft failure and spline twist are common as power levels increase. Sonnax extreme strength input shaft kit 28751-06K is engineered with exceptional reliability and durability to withstand these forces. Features unique shallow seal grooves which do not weaken the shaft like common deep-groove designs.

Sonnax offers ringless input shaft 28751-07 for use with bushings.

  • Custom heat-treated aerospace alloy
  • Advanced torsional design
  • Rolled front and rear splines as well as other unique design features
  • Shallow Ring Input Shaft
  • Shallow Seal Rings (4) 2 Extra
  • Front Spline Tooth Count: 30
  • Rear Spline Tooth Count: 19

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