Powerglide Big Shaft Stator Tube Kit

Powerglide Big Shaft Stator Tube Kit  [28154S-125]

Condition: New.

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Price: $137.37 / Kit

Stop worrying about input shaft failure when running the GM Powerglide in the most extreme applications. Sonnax offers the only big input shaft upgrade with custom components designed to work together for reliable performance. Whether you have an existing assembly or start from scratch in the gear ratio of your choice, it’s best way to connect huge power to Sonnax 1.58/1.65 planetaries for great run after run with minimum downtime.

Sonnax big shaft stator tube kit 28154S-125 is one of the five components in the Sonnax Powerglide big shaft system.

  • Press-in tube with larger diameter and longer press serrations for max hold
  • Tube features tough, heat-treated, stock-size splines

Pump requires machining. The Sonnax big shaft system for Powerglides requires changing to a 35-spline turbine hub.

  • Stator Tube
  • Bushings (2)

Instructions Instructions

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