Powerglide 10-Clutch Drum

Powerglide 10-Clutch Drum  [28756-01]

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Sonnax 10-clutch drum 28756-01 is optimized for Powerglide performance applications. Using the patented Sonnax 10-clutch drum system, the drum and piston accept 10 frictions and 10 steels, increasing lockup surface to allow significantly more torque than modified OE drums.

The drum features a piston bore that is .060" deeper for greater piston travel than was available from Sonnax 10-clutch drum 28755-01 (discontinued).

  • Drum holds 10 .060" frictions and 10 .060" thick steels
  • Excess material removed from high-strength, cast steel drum to reduce rotating mass
  • Accepts 24- or 12-tooth steels
  • Use with Sonnax clutch piston 28765-05 and a 10-clutch hub with lightening holes&nbsp 28304-01 or without&nbsp 28304-02

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