PG 1.80 Gear Set/4340 Std. Length/12 tooth

PG 1.80 Gear Set/4340 Std. Length/12 tooth  [28180G-01]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

Price: $1,069.00

Sonnax offers complete Powerglide planetary assemblies available with a variety of gear set options. These assemblies come in various configurations to meet different build requirements. The output shaft is available in the OE length or short length and the machined from billet drum flange in 12-tooth (OE) or 24-tooth. Sonnax Premium gear sets are a big step up from standard case-hardened and tempered gears. Our top-quality racing gear material (SAE9310) combined with a freeze-tempering process (-150°F) result in gears with improved grain structure and stability which are tougher and more wear resistant. These units are fully assembled and ready to install.

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