C4 S&S Valve Body

C4 S&S Valve Body

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Want better feeling shifts in you classic muscle car or street rod?

The Dynamic Racing Street/Strip C-4 Valve Body is the perfect replacement for your stock unit.

It is modified to provide crisp shifts, while keeping the full automatic funtions.

Each unit is thermally cleaned and inspected, disassembled, surfaced for perfect sealing and then re-assembled using the finest precision components.

After assembly, every unit is tested on our in-house Dynomometer for pressure and shift firmness.

Installation requies the use of a functioning vacuum modulator and properly adjusted kickdown linkage. 

Please select an intended usage from the dropdown above. This lets us know how you wish the shifts to feel.

Street = mild firm shifts

Street/Strip = Hard Positive shifts.

NOTE: Due to the dwindling supply of isable cores, we now ask that the customer supply their own valve body for modification.

If a usable core is not available, you will be charged for one.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 October, 2016.