C4 Hi-RPM Direct Drum Kit

C4 Hi-RPM Direct Drum Kit

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DYNAMIC Racing Transmissions introduces yet another much needed upgrade for the racing C4. Continuing a line of innovative offerings for the C4 which date back to the first 8 second Mighty Mites over 20 years ago, the latest addition is a 'Hi-RPM Direct Drum Kit'.

Recommended for competition C4's which will be subjected to RPM levels approaching and above 8,000, the new setup will both apply and release quicker- giving a more 'crisp' shift .

This will, in turn, help to eliminate the dreaded shift 'flare-up'. This, and the elimination of any centrifugal application of the direct clutches will not only improve performance, but lengthen the clutch life considerably.

The new product includes the new billet piston, spring retainer, 25 springs (which replace the old, large single spring setup).

For an additional cost, you can send in your drum to have it upgraded to a Dynamic Hi RPM Direct Drum.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 28 October, 2016.