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Dynamic Racing Transmissions and TCT Torque Converters have always been of interest to the media because of our innovative designs and cutting edge technology.

We have collected some of the actual articles from various magazines and listed them in PDF format for your viewing pleasure.

These articles provide a good insite to the inner workings of our products and offer tips and tricks not normally found on the web.

We have collected some of the past magazine articles printed about Dynamic Racing Transmissions as well as some of the most commonly asked tech questions and stationed them here for easy reference to the racing community.

Skip Nordenberg\'s Cobra Rat Topic: Magazine Articles
Where It All Began Topic: Magazine Articles
The Boosted Cartel Topic: Magazine Articles

Confessions of a Fifteen Time True Street Winner! Chris Escobar and his 1986 SVO Mustang Clickon the Link Below for Full Article Escobar

Saul Walker II Topic: Magazine Articles

Click on the link below to read the article. Saul Walker II

Project Shocker, 5.0 Magazine Topic: Magazine Articles

Project Shocker 5.0 Magazine After a long period of upgrades, Project Shocker is back together and running strong! Seen here in street mode, it could almost pass as just another 13-second 5.0 if the windows were tinted.

Mopar Collectors Guide 727 Topic: Magazine Articles

A neat two page article on Dynamic's Torqueflite 727 Automatic Transmission build in Mopar Collectors Guide

Mighty Mite M2 Race Pages 2013 Topic: Magazine Articles

Dynamic Mighty Mite Transmission TCT Torque Converter

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