PG Comp

PG Comp  [DT2CO2]

Condition: New.

Availability: Made to order.

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Price: $2,150.00 / Each

The Dynamic Racing Competition Powerglide is the perfect unit for bracket racing and hardcore street use.

It has a full manual forward pattern valve body for rock solid shifts when you want them regardless of RPM.

Each unit starts with a select core that is thermally degreased, inspected and all the bushings replaced.

It then goes to the assembly bench where it is meticulously assembled and receives:

  • 300M Hardened Front Shaft
  • Hi Flow Front Pump
  • Kevlar Front Band
  • Dual Ring Servo
  • Steel Clutch Hub
  • 8 Clutch Drum
  • 1.80 Gearset
  • Deep Aluminum Pan


Once assembled, it goes onto our in-house Transmission dyno for run in and leak check.

It is then boxed and palleted for shipping anywhere around the world.

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