Ford 11" Street Performance Converter

Ford 11" Street Performance Converter  [TFS11]

Condition: New.

Availability: In stock.

Price: $415.00

The Ford 11" Street Performance Converter is available for all of the Ford C-4 and C-6 transmissions. Its mild stall-speed increases allow it to be the choice of many street cruisers and lightly modified street cars. This converter works well in big block applications that are slightly modified and used as a daily driver. Good for slightly modified 4x4s and pick ups.
Stall speed range: 2200-2600 rpms.

  • Highest quality 11" on the market
  • New bearings between the stator and pump
  • Rebuilt sprag assembly 
  • New pump hub
  • New turbine hub
  • Pump and turbine tig spot welded for extra strength

If you intend on keeping your ride for a while- and being able to enjoy it as you've always imagined, DON'T be duped into buying a supposed street & Strip converter that is offered at a price too good to be true. Low end, 'budget' converters are not good for much outside a dead stock vehicle that will be driven to church on Sundays. These converters are no more than stock pieces that have been opened to bend the fins over for more stall. Compare that to the features listed above and you will see where the true bargain is. Doesn't your ride deserve a real quality torque converter?

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