Factory Five Roadster Mark III Driveshaft Safety Loop

Factory Five Roadster Mark III Driveshaft Safety Loop  [MDL2500]

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Factory Five Roadster Mk III & Mk IV


This two-piece driveshaft safety loop was developed as part of our GT500-powered Factory Five Roadster build.  It is designed to be a complete bolt-on and installs without removal of the vehicle's driveshaft. 

The kit consists of a laser-cut and CNC-bent loop mount and driveshaft loop.  Both components are powdercoated in black for long lasting surface protection.  The loop mount bolts directly to the transmission crossmember supplied with the FFR kit.  It fastens to the crossmember using existing transmission mount bolts and the (2) Grade 8 nuts and bolts supplied in the loop kit.  The loop slips up into the tunnel and attaches to the mount using the (4) supplied Grade 8 bolts.  

We installed this safety loop on our own Factory Five Roadster, and despite the very, very low ride height of our vehicle, we experienced zero ground clearance issues.

Installation instructions are included.

Note 1:  The image of the loop kit shows (2) zinc plated inserts used to fasten the loop to the loop bracket.  These are no longer included, as current versions of the kit will ship with a loop that has threaded mounting pads.

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